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Transmission-Daemon Notes for Arch Linux based Distributions

If you are using an Arch based distribution, the notes on this page override the default transmission-daemon values stated elsewhere on this site.

Default Locations

Item Location
Daemon init script /etc/rc.d/transmissiond
Options, Configuration, daemon enable /etc/conf.d/transmissiond
settings.json ~/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json

Configuration Variables

The file /etc/conf.d/transmissiond should be edited to reflect the desired transmission-daemon user (your regular user is fine) and to uncomment the relevant lines. Note that by default the -g option is used in TRANS_ARGS to tell transmission-daemon to use its own settings.json. You may wish to point -g instead to your perhaps-already-installed transmission-gtk config dir, i.e., ~/.config/transmission . Stop the daemon before editing, and start it again to effect changes.

# TRANS_USER="foo"
# TRANS_ARGS="-g $TRANSMISSION_HOME/.config/transmission-daemon"

Refer to the Arch Linux rc.conf page for definitive system configuration file information, particularly the Daemons section.

The daemon can be started either by adding "transmissiond" to the daemons array in /etc/rc.conf, or can be started manually with:

# rc.d start transmissiond

Arch Linux packages

The following packages exist in the Arch Extra repository:

Package Description
transmission-cli Installs CLI tools, daemon and the web interface used by the other transmission packages
transmission-gtk Installs GTK+ gui?
transmission-qt Installs QT gui?