Transmission-Daemon Notes for Debian based Distributions

If you are using a Debian based distribution (e.g. Ubuntu), the notes on this page override the default transmission-daemon values stated elsewhere on this site.

Default Locations

Item Location
Daemon init script /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon
Options, Configuration, daemon enable /etc/default/transmission-daemon
settings.json /etc/transmission-daemon symlinked to /var/lib/transmsision-daemon/info/settings.json
Download directory /var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads

Transmission user

Debian daemon user debian-transmission

Debian packages

Debian provides the following metapackage

Package Description
transmission Installs transmission-cli, transmission-common, and transmission-gtk

The following packages exist:

Package Description
transmission-cli Installs transmission-cli? and transmission-remote?
transmission-common Installs the web interface used by the other transmission packages
transmission-daemon Installs transmission-daemon?
transmission-gtk Installs transmission-gtk?
transmisison-qt Installs transmission-qt
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