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Transmission-Daemon Notes for Debian based Distributions

NOTE this page under construction - Information may not be correct - Not quite right for Ubuntu 8.04 anyway

Transmission has a preferred set of install location (eg {{~/.config/transmission-daemon}} )
Debian has its own ideas of where Transmission should put daemon files.
Therefore the Debian maintainers change the default Transmission daemon install locations.
This unfortunately results in confusion....

So if you are using a Debian based distribution, the notes on this page override the default Transmission daemon values stated elsewhere on this site.

Default Locations

Item Location
Daemon start/stop scripts /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon
Options, Configuration, daemon enable /etc/default/transmission-daemon
settings.json /etc/transmission-daemon symlinked to /var/lib/transmsision-daemon/info/settings.json
Download directory /var/lib/transmission-daemon/downloads

Transmission user

As documented elsewhere on this site the normal unix user account for Transmission daemon is 'transmission'.
Debian changes this too.

Transmission daemon user transmission-daemon
Debian daemon user debian-transmission

Debian packages

Debian provides the following top-level packages (checked on Ubuntu 8.04):

transmission wrapper for packages below: installs GTK application, daemon, command line tools docs
transmission-cli just the daemon and command line tools

The following lower-level packages exist:

transmission-cli Installs cli tools, man pages and transmission-daemon
transmission-gtk GUI application
transmission-common common documentation readme/changelog etc
transmission-daemon (not Ubuntu 8.04 ?)
transmisison-qt (not Ubuntu 8.04 ?)
clutch obsolete