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Transmission Wiki

Welcome to the Transmision Wiki. We're just getting it started, so there's lots of content waiting to be written.


  • Bug Reports, and other topics that require a back-and-forth, should be kept in the forums, not the wiki.
  • There will probably be more overlap with the help files, especially in terms of troubleshooting, but let's try to keep that overlap low too.
  • Minor topics that come up in the forums again and again, but are maybe too esoteric for the help file, would be perfect here.
  • A FAQ would be good.



  • theCrank
  • jinzo
  • Waldorf

To become an editor, please PM one of the Transmission development team in the forums.


theCrank: How to decide which topic belongs to Trouble Shooting? and which to Frequently Asked Questions?? Or shall we just link topics like "Slow Downloads" in TS and FAQ?

Waldorf: Trouble Shooting should have step by step instructions on diagnosing an issue. the FAQ is more an organised set of random questions. As example, have a look at the nice wiki from Adium. Slow downloads is a FAQ thing, but can be mentioned in the TS.

Charles: Really common problems can have their own page, linked to from both pages...