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Why does setting upload speed to 0 halt my downloads?

This is intentional, not a bug. It's not the "Right Thing" for a client to be able to set the speed to 0.

Setting upload to '0' will get you disconnected from more and more peers, because of more and more clients are using the 'tit-for-tat' way of determining how much they'll share with you. Also, It's not 'good' for a BitTorrent swarm if all clients allow upload to be set to '0', even if you say "I will share later".

The discussion on how to handle this came up when "Partial Seed Protocol" (BEP 21) was implemented. To clarify:

  • Setting download speed to 0 will enable 'seed mode', ie. Identifying yourself as a partial seed.
  • Setting upload speed to 0 will enable a 'keep alive mode' with tracker, but will refuse any peer for both upload and download.

Many others (like uTorrent), already don't allow you to set your upload to '0'. (Only Transmission now handles it in it's own unique way)

Besides being the "Right Thing" to do, this new behavior is also very powerful for scripting and scheduling.

Note: This behavior is new as-of Transmission 1.41.